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Removing Silver Tarnish

How to remove tarnish and restore silver jewelry easily.

The easiest way to remove tarnish from your silver Beadgifts mother's bracelets, birthstone bracelets or other jewelry is to gather these items in your kitchen:

Line the bowl or mug completely with aluminum foil. Fill the bowl with hot water. The water should not be boiling. Spoon in a couple of tablespoons of Baking Soda. You may need a few more tablespoons if you are using a larger bowl. Stir, and then place your jewelry inside the bowl. The silver must make contact with the aluminum.

Wait 15 seconds, take out the jewelry and thoroughly rinse it off to remove all the baking soda, which can be abrasive if rubbed on the jewelry. For common, normal tarnish, you'll see the jewelry immediately returned to its sparkling condition as if it were new.

Removing Severe Gray Tarnish

If your jewelry has severe tarnish as a result of contact with chemicals, especially household cleaners, chlorine bleach, perfume, hairspray, suntan or other lotions, it will have the dull gray or black appearance of gunmetal. We see mother's bracelets that appear to have been ruined beyond repair through contact with bleach. This is actually a deep layer of tarnish that is difficult to repair, even with a polishing cloth--but the solution described here works quickly and easily--without risking damage to Swarovski AB crystal birthstone coatings, Bali bead patina, or gem surfaces.

To remove severe tarnish, dip the jewelry in the Baking Soda solution, rinse and dry. You'll see a slight improvement, but now you'll be able to gently use a polishing cloth to remove the outer layer of tarnish. Our Beadgifts' 'Best-Ever' polishing cloth for mother's bracelets works great for this. After a light polishing, submerge the jewelry one more time in the solution. You may need to reheat the water. After the second treatment, the jewelry will be returned to new!

This is an effective and clean way to remove tarnish, even on silver beaded bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and anklets that looked like they were ruined. No need for any nasty chemicals!

What Causes Silver To Tarnish?

The main chemical that causes silver tarnish is hydrogen sulfide, so be aware that even wool, rubber bands, fossil fuels, a few types of paints, latex gloves, and foods like eggs, mayonnaise, and onions can lead to silver tarnish. Because sulfur is present in the air, hot and humid air will contribute to tarnishing. Exposure to light will speed the tarnish process, so keep your silver personalized bracelets and other jewelry covered for storage.

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