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Rosary Bracelets

What Is a Rosary Bracelet?

We generally think of a rosary as a necklace that's used in prayer by followers in the Roman Catholic Church. The traditional rosary necklace is comprised of fifty beads, organized in groups of ten (described as a decade), with a larger bead before each grouping. The ten smaller beads are Hail Mary beads, and the larger bead is an Our Father bead. The number of beads is meant to correspond with the number of psalms.

One isn't required to use a rosary to pray in the Catholic Church, but many people find that a rosary is helpful and conducive to prayer. Rosary bracelets in particular, because they are easy to wear and have with one always, remind one to say the rosary on a regular basis.

Some people find that a rosary bracelet is an easier kind of rosary to use. A rosary bracelet is worn around the wrist, and is made of ten beads (one decade) with a single larger bead and a crucifix. As with rosary necklaces, rosary bracelets are often made of significant materials - semi-precious stones are often used as beads.

Saying the rosary inspires the worshiper to engage in prayer and meditation. Reciting the rosary is a way of offering worship to the Virgin Mary, and it allows the person praying to contemplate the life of Jesus Christ. Prayer may be silent or vocalized, as in many religious traditions, where religious worship may be either done aloud or in silence. The rosary, however, also requires meditation on the part of the person praying, which is a distinctive element.

There are a number of prayers that are recited with the rosary. These are the Credo, the Pater Noster, the Ave Maria, and the Gloria Patri. A decade of the rosary is recited (again, out loud or silently) while meditating upon on of the "Mysteries" of redemption. The Pater Noster, Ave Maria, and Gloria Patri are repeated, and the rosary is often concluded with a Fatima Prayer.

Pearl Rosary BraceletDifferent Mysteries are to be meditated upon on different days. There are the Joyful Mysteries, the Luminous (or Light) Mysteries, the Sorrowful Mysteries, and the Glorious Mysteries. Each Mystery corresponds to an event in the birth, life, and death of Jesus Christ.

A rosary bracelet is a particularly lovely means of guiding someone along the path of religious faith. When the time comes to mark a special moment in a young person's life, a rosary bracelet can be an ideal gift (think of First Communion, or Confirmation, or perhaps a parochial school graduation). For an adult Catholic - perhaps someone who's finding a renewed interest in their faith later in life - the gift of a rosary bracelet is a heartfelt show of your love and support for that dear person. The word "rosary" is Latin for "garland of roses", and years of experience have shown us all that there is no greater symbol of love than a rose. We can share that love, and show our devotion, with rosary bracelets.

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