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Article: What is a beaded Mother's bracelet?

High quality beaded jewelry has become enormously popular in recent years, especially with the growth of the Internet and the ability to order highly personalized items quickly and easily.† In particular, women have sought to celebrate key events in their life by including unique beads, gems, and charms in their customized purchases.

The most common customized beaded jewelry purchase is the “Mother’s Bracelet.”† Simply put, a beaded Mother's bracelet is a unique keepsake spelling each child's name with Sterling silver letter beads. †Genuine Swarovski birthstone crystals are often added to represent the birthday month of each child. †The bracelets can be made in multiple strands with each strand representing one of the mother's children. †

Mother's bracelets are also known as Mommy bracelets, Mother's name bracelets Birthstone bracelets, Brag bracelets, or simply Name bracelets.†

One of the most interesting features about Mother’s bracelets is that they are gifts for Mothers, most often given to them by their Mother or Daughter.† And, a Mother’s bracelet is designed and handcrafted by a Mother too!

Pearl lovers often order mother’s bracelets with more genuine cultured pearls than silver!† Besides Pearl and Sterling Silver, beautiful Mother’s bracelets can be made with 14KT “gold-filled” beads, which are silver beads coated with gold.† Combinations of silver and gold-filled beads are chosen because they go well with both silver and gold jewelry.

Higher quality designs include accents with Balinese Sterling beads. †The Bali silver beads are all made by hand in Bali, India and Thailand. †The beautiful handwork on these beads adds detail and texture to the bracelet. †Other refined choices include specialty glass beads, hoop rings, and interesting gemstone combinations, better designs always enclose gems or Swarowski crystals in elegant beadcaps.†

Clasps can either be of the "Lobster" variety, or a range of diverse toggle designs.† Magnetic clasps can be used for single-strand bracelets, while “Sliding-tube” clasps cleanly finish a multiple strand design.

Often, charms are added. †For example, a silver heart or a charm that says "Special Mom". †Some charms such as paw prints may commemorate beloved pets, or a silver ribbon may indicate survival of cancer or other illnesses.† Heart-shaped charms are popular, with some containing crosses or baby feet impressions.

Lastly, quality Sterling silver beaded jewelry is made with durable, coated steel wires, which unlike any kind of elastic or string will last lifetimes.

While Motherís bracelets are designed to represent a mothers immediate children, a Grandmotherís bracelets tell the story of two or more generations.† Most often, a grandmother’s bracelet contains groups of birthstone beads for children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren!† Other names include Heirloom Mother's bracelet, Family bracelets, Generations™ Grandmother's Bracelet, and Grandmother's bracelets.

A mother's bracelet is a great gift idea for just about any holiday or occasion, especially the birth of a child, Mother's day, Christmas, Hanukkah, and the Mother's birthday too!

At my website, I offer many unique and beautifully designed Mother's bracelets that are treasured asspecial gifts and family heirlooms. †I have over 50 original and unique designsto choose from. †I even have a design that has the most exquisite Murano glass,handmade and imported from Italy in one of my bracelets.† I love genuine cultured pearls and use them in many of my designs. I have a huge selection of Sterling silver and gold-filled charms for you to choose from so that each and every mother's bracelet can be personalized to fit the recipient. And you get to choose the clasp for your bracelet from our selection of over 20 different clasps.† Please visit my website at to choose a Motherís Bracelet gift for the special Mom in your life. Wearing these lovely heirloom quality bracelets will keep her children close to her heart always!