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About Me

About Me

I'm Deborah and welcome to my on-line business! I live in the Pennsylvania suburbs with my husband, who is very supportive and who has created and maintains our website. Our 10 year old daughter is the apple of our eye and the most precious gift that we have ever been blessed with!

Deborah and Daughter

I started to make jewelry when our daughter was a toddler. Having a background in Fine Art, I was looking for a creative outlet that didn't involve an easel and mounds of paint, so jewelry design seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

Not only was I passionate about my new "hobby", but my family and friends were too. I soon became the #1 provider of their jewelry and gifts. Just going about my daily routine, people would stop and admire my creations that my daughter and I loved to wear. Soon, I was making deliveries to my Doctor's office, the hairdresser, supermarket... My customer's began to request home jewelry parties, and I began to get referrals to design Bridal jewelry as well. This was beginning to be the perfect job for me! Did I mention that I am passionate about it?

Custom Design

I love to create custom designs, including many items that are not shown on this site. For example, I do a lot of wirework. My palette has shiny & antiqued silver, creamy gold, colorful swarovski crystals, grade-A gemstones and luscious pearls.

If you have an idea for a special occasion, a wedding, a Bat Mitzvah and you would like me to design something special for you, please e-mail Deborah@Beadgifts or call 610-642-5195. I'd love to hear from you.

Be sure to check back often -- I am always creating original designs so there is often something new to tempt you.

Warmest Regards,


My religious faith is very important to me.

Mother Teresa of Calcutta

I had the occasion to see Mother Teresa in 1995, (the year before she died) at this location when she attended a public Mass in her honor. She had come to visit her sisters at the Hospice. I do believe that at the time through her intercession, I was granted a special grace and that I was in the presence of a living Saint. So my friend, just so you know that when you buy a beautiful bracelet that I have the privilege of making for you we are 'Paying It Forward' and in some small way feeding the hungry and helping the dying.

In addition to the breast cancer charities, I also make charitable donations to a local organization that offers meals to poor and homeless individuals, The St. Francis Inn, P.O. Box 3746, 2441 Kensington Ave, Phila. PA. 19125.

My personal favorite charity, an AIDS hospice for women, which is run by Mother Teresa's The Missionaries of Charity, 2714 W 9th Street, Chester, PA 19013.

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