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Petite Autism Awareness Bracelet, Mother's Bracelets

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Autism Awareness Bracelet

This bracelet brings awareness to Autism through the 5 crystal colors and the puzzle piece charm.

The Petite Autism Awareness bracelet allows you to show your support for research into autism, a developmental disability which is growing in prevalence worldwide. This bracelet is a cheery, colorful bracelet that uses colored Swarovski crystals, silver beads, and Bali beads in combination with the autism-support symbol, the single jigsaw puzzle piece. The Petite Autism Awareness bracelet is a simple, attractive bracelet that makes a real statement. Autism, a term which covers a range of developmental disorders, is diagnosed in 1 out of 150 children born every year, according to recent studies released by the CDC. Increasing awareness of autism should inspire us to expand research into finding hope, if not a cure, for this difficult problem.


Size in inches

Measure your wrist size with a tape measure. Do not add to this measurement. We will add the appropriate length to finish the bracelet.


Special Instructions:


Keep your silver jewelry sparkling with the best polishing cloth I have found! Large 5" x 8".

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